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Will personal training help me achieve my fitness goals?
Yes, everyone is different, and everyone's goals are different. We will work out an effective plan with you, for you, and provide you with all the knowledge and encouragement we can, so that you can hit your goals.

Will I get fitness advice and guidance that I can use at home?
Yes, the purpose of our services is so that you can use them at home and not have to spend money on expensive gym memberships and further juggle your schedule.

Will you regularly review my goals and achievements?
Yes, our service is all about your journey. We set regular goals and achievements and encourage you to hit them whilst providing you with all the techniques, tips and tricks that you will need.

Will personal training help motivate me?
Yes, as long as you commit to it, if you have your goals and want the help needed to achieve them then there is no holding you back. We will support and encourage you as much as we can.

Will I be able to train outdoors?
Yes, our programmes are designed for inside and outside, as long as the great British weather holds out for us, although there is nothing to stop you going for a 5k run in the rain.

Will you give nutrition advice?
Yes, part of getting healthy, getting fit and losing weight is not just the training or working out, equally as important is the nutrition, your fuel. We will work with you to create a healthy eating plan that will fit into your lifestyle.

Will I be able to make block bookings?
Yes, we actively encourage it, especially as it is an additional motivator to some. In addition it will avoid the disappointment if we are fully booked for the slot that you want.

Will you create a programme for me to use on holiday?
Yes, we understand that holidays are a good time to break away from everyday life, but your goal of being fit and healthy can accompany you on holiday. We can even adjust your programme to incorporate the beach and the sea into your workouts


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