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Stretch your way into autumn to prevent injury

Posted by Belle   18/09/2017

Regular stretching is by far one of the most important factors when it comes to your joint health and fitness plan. There are numerous simple ways of stretching muscles and effective when carried out correctly. Stretch your way into autumn to prevent injury. Read health benefits of stretching here.

Increased blood circulation
Stretching different areas of the body can help increase blood circulation because it stimulates the blood flow to your muscles. The increased blood flow supplies these muscles with oxygen and essential nutrients to fully function and keep healthy.

Reduced risk of injury
Stretching before and after exercise can help protect your muscles from any potential injuries such as spraining, snapping or tearing.

Improved flexibility
Stretching naturally loosens and lengthens your muscles increasing the blood supply and range of motion in your joints, thus improves your flexibility when performing fitness and exercise.

Better balance
Stretching provides a better balance in your fitness routine, allowing you to remain centred in a range of positions.

Lowered stress levels
Regular stretching can promote relaxation. It is a quick and simple way to ensure healthy blood circulation to the brain for mental calm and stress relief.

Enhanced energy and Increased mobility
Stretching stimulates the blood to supply oxygen and glucose to your muscles which has a positive effect on your energy levels and mobility.

Reduced back pain and Improved posture
If you suffer from bad posture, skeletal problems, spine injury or back pain you can help reverse damaged caused and effectively improve with regular, consistent stretching. A simple back stretch involves standing with your feet apart (shoulder width) and your knees bent slightly, lean forward, place your hands above your knees. Arch your back and then slowly roll back your shoulders and expand your chest.

Increased performance
All of the above health benefits of stretching combined increase overall performance.



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