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Essential reasons to keep a food diary to help you on your weight loss journey

Posted by Belle   01/08/2017
Keeping a personal food diary is an effective method to help you on your weight loss journey. Your food diary is with you to help you every step of the way. In fact, any nutritionist will encourage anyone wanting to lose weight to keep a food diary.

A food diary can be in the form of a written memo, journal, a scrap book, a blog or vlog. You should only choose the medium that you’re most comfortable with and that can easily be adopted into your lifestyle. Here are our 5 essential reasons to keep a food diary to help you on your weight loss journey:

1.    Get personal
A food diary is a personal book in which you keep a daily record of your food intake, but the great thing about your food diary is that you can express your personal experiences with food, along with your thoughts and feelings (highs and lows). You can even add motivational quotes, recipes and facts about nutrition. In fact, it’s only as personal as you would like to make it.

2.    You are what you eat
Taking before and after pictures to show weight loss transformation can capture moments of your weight loss journey. Adding before and after photos to your food diary month-on-month can really boost motivation and drive to reach your ideal weight goal.

3.    Plan your meals
Your nutrionist will be able to guide you on creating nutritional meal plans as part of a balanced diet. Having a food diary can help you carefully plan out a day or week or month worth of meals and snacks. 

4.    Sharing is caring
A food diary gets you on the road to real self-fulfilment, and if you choose to share your personal experience think how much you can help others with their very own weight loss journey. 

5.    Keep on track
A true reflection of your weight loss progress can be measured through your calorie intake. It is always best for you to be honest with yourself by logging everything you eat (the good, the bad and the ugly). By doing this, you will soon learn how to control your food portions, identify situations where you binge or eat far too little calories. The most essential point of having a food diary to help you keep on track is to provide you with objective feedback.

Kickstart your food diary today!
Belles and Balls PT are here to help kickstart your food diary with mood plans, meal plans and general nutritional advice. For more information on nutrition and weight loss get in contact with us today.


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