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Age is nothing but a number

Posted by Belle   25/06/2017
I turned 49 today. A day I have been thinking about for months. I lie, it's be on my mind for the past year at least. Why? Because it means I'm nearing the magic milestone that is 50. You might be asking what's the big deal and it's a fair question. I've always been obsessed with aging so 50 feels daunting. And to admit my real age in public - well. Not even my closest friends know though they may suspect but are too polite to broach the subject. 

So yes I need to get over it. And I just might because I don't feel 49 and I put that down to exercise quite simply. I've always loved working out - be it the gym or swimming or sometimes yoga. And this stems back to my school days when I played hockey, netball, swam and even lobbied for girls to be able to do cross country. I actually wanted to be a PE teacher. But I'm now a personal trainer so I've come almost full circle.

The benefits of working out are huge - I feel mentally better, I feel physically better and I feel in control.

So yes exercise is a way of life for me but I'm not over zealous about it. It's about moderation and listening to your body especially if you've turned 49 ( ouch) but I'm 34 really. Keeping fit and pushing boundaries  are good things to do whatever age you are.

So embrace life, love you and live well.



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