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10 reasons to have a Personal Trainer

Posted by Belle   05/05/2017
1. A personal trainer will provide expertise.
Too often, when people start training they cause themselves injuries because they do not warm up properly. A personal trainer will ensure that you have a warm up and cool down exercise before and after every workout, and in the correct manner. A trained and qualified personal trainer will also provide expertise on all attributes of your fitness, health and wellbeing from your initial consultation.

2. A personal trainer will provide motivation for drive and determination.

Both, mental and physical motivation is the key to success in reaching your fitness goals. If you lack motivation a personal trainer will motivate you every time. On the contrary, if you are self-motivated, a personal trainer will motivate and encourage you even more so.

3. You will be taught new workouts.

Training on your own can feel like a monotonous chore. A personal trainer will introduce new workouts that will help you in your fitness journey and provide you with fun and flexibility to choose how and when you want to train specific parts of your body.

4. You will learn about nutrition and weight loss.
Personal fitness does not solely depend on physical workouts, but it has a lot to with your overall health and well-being. A personal trainer can provide you with great advice on nutrition, weight loss that will support your personal fitness journey.

5. You will have your very own fitness plan with realistic goals.
A personal trainer will endeavour to get to know your personal health and fitness aspirations. A personal trainer will be able to set realistic goals for you based on knowledge and experience.

6. You will have your very own nutrition and weight loss programme.

For most, custom made nutrition and weight loss programmes work well alongside personal training fitness plans because they 100% tailor made for their mental and physical bodies, and let’s not forget to mention, lifestyle.

7. A personal trainer will be your teacher, coach and friend.
Most often enough, people who experience a personal trainer often see them as a health and fitness teacher, life coach and friend because they spend 1-2-1 time with them, listening, understanding and trusting them. A personal trainer will see you on your good days on your bad days and will help and challenge you.

8. A personal trainer will push your limits.

Indeed, a personal trainer will push you to your limits! They have the expertise to know how far you can go and when it’s time for you to stop, rest or change.

9. A personal trainer will be honest about your level of fitness and progress.
Often enough, people who train or diet are always making excuses for themselves, denying what they have done wrong or being modest with what they have achieved. Hiring a personal trainer helps with a ‘reality check’ with sustainable proof, direct honesty and inspires trust.

10. A personal trainer will help you while you train.
The core purpose of a personal trainer is to help you persevere whilst you train, through mental and physical coaching. Are you ready?


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