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Belles & Balls (B&B) was born from a real life experience. A life built on trying to balance work and personal time and of course the stresses of the 21st century. Our stresses are probably no different to yours. We had the very same demands on our work, rest and play time as you do and yes, we tended to let work take over our lives.

Yes, we also went to bed worrying about the demands that the following day would bring. We endured the daily pressures of simply getting to work on time – bumper to bumper traffic, delayed and overcrowded tubes and trains, and then the general pressures of our jobs and careers. This is probably striking a note with you, how the needs of the people we love the most - family and friends always seemed to come a very distant second to the ever tougher deadlines and pressures of work, and how we tended to push away our loved ones' offers of help and support because the quest for a work life balance always seemed to be a lost cause.
It was at this stage that Belles & Ball's founder started the journey of breaking free from the claustrophobic demands of daily life. The great escape came in the shape of a personal trainer who opened our eyes to the life changing benefits of a personal fitness regime. Not only did we improve on our fitness and our lifestyle, but this process motivated us to study and become professionally qualified and recognised with The Register of Exercise Professionals, so that we can help change lives too. Belles & Balls Personal Training offers you a similar life changing process, putting you in charge by helping you develop and realise your own training goals and potential.

Working out is now a lifestyle we've chosen. The physical and mental health benefits are immense. If we're stressed we work out, if we're grumpy we work out, if we’re happy we work out, if we need to problem solve we work out, if we’re on holiday we work out – because we love it! The Belles & Balls philosophy is about mind body and soul feeding each other.

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